Community Before & After School Child Care Program

About CAP

A safe and enriching environment for your child.

The Community Before & After School Child Care Program (CAP) is a safe, structured, quality environment for elementary age children and their families in the Albany area. Additionally, CAP is a nut, tree nut, and seafood free program which accommodates children with severe food allergies including epi-pen trained staff.

CAP is a private, non-profit organization that is governed by a Board of Directors. We are looking forward to meeting your childcare needs and hope to provide a positive experience for children and their parents.

This website contains information about CAP, its staff, Board of Directors, policies and procedures. Please refer to this website throughout the year to help answer any questions that may arise.

Board of Directors

The Community Before & After School Program is governed by a dedicated Board of Directors who lead and direct the overall affairs of the CAP program.  Together they combine a force of business expertise and offer innumerable in-kind contributions.  Our Board Officers and Members are extraordinarily generous with their time and offer support on every level.  Thanks to our Board of Directors for their outstanding service and dedication to the CAP program.

Board Officers:

Bill Higby, Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Steen, President

Andrew J. Bean, Vice President

Helen Hansen, Treasurer

Shannon Barnes, Secretary


Board Members:

Fred Dunmire

Ellen Hansen

William Hansen

Kyle Kinion

Randy Lary

Alicia Moselle

Carolyn Oakley

Rob Richards

Ron Richards

Brent Wiest


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